Slab Creek – East Fork Lake – Chad and Dad

We love life and Mother Nature

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October – late evening Crappie bonanza

Chad and Dad went out last night and got into a Crappie bonanza. Went to (3) spots and fished around 12 feet deep. Caught a few. Returned to a lay down tree and moved closer to the shoreline and hit the jackpot. We were actually on the bank-line casting out. As it got darker and windier Crappie “turned on” They moved up – shallow and then it was “on”. Every cast and real nice keepers. A few snaps but Chad had pre-baited jigs on standby to tie on readily. Real nice mess of Crappie in an hour and a half after work – till dark. Gray skies, windy, clear black water, around 67 degrees.

See why Chad and Dad love it at the Crappie capital? Quality time. Lots of laughing. Cram packed into an hour and a half after work. Probably caught 100. Brought home 30-40. Love it! Thanks for stopping by and enjoying life with Chad and Dad.

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October fun at the Crappie Capital of Ohio

The cold front and wind didn’t stop us Sunday morning. We actually went out for Bass but ended up Crappie fishing. Two patterns and both were deep. All came on tube and jig.

In the pictures below (two different days) Chad had a day of limit Crappie on the Bethel side from the bank. On day two – after pursuing Bass for and hour or so we decided to avoid the heavy wing and try Chad’s spot he found from the bank earlier that week. They were still there but they moved out further, perhaps 16 – 18 feet deep. We vertical jigged to catch Crappie in that spot. The pictures are Chad’s day from the bank – and Sunday morning with Chad and Dad from the boat.

Sunday only offered limited spots due to heavy wind. Water was still clear – around 69 degrees. The fish pictured came from two spots at the Crappie Capital of Ohio. We love it!

As long as Mother Nature cooperates there can be better days coming. Fish turn on this time of the year. Looking forward to Sauger time! We’ll keep you posted!

Chad and Dad

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October Crappie on the Fork

Chad and Dad are back at it. We had a nice evening Thursday, we caught 24 keepers. All came on the jig and tube. Water is gin clear, 75 degrees, and lake is low. At nightfall it a was half-moon over the Fork. Tranquility. Great to be back.

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Short evening (of quality time) on East Fork

Chad and Dad went out yesterday evening and caught a several Crappie while enjoying life. Only had a few keepers. We caught one Spotted Bass and one Hybrid Striper. I had a 30-35″ musky follow a lure to the boat. That musky just wouldn’t come back as I casted several plugs – just checking for another strike. He gracefully porpoised and dove on the plug – after following it all the way to the boat. Didn’t spend a lot of time on the fish – but marked the territory for future prospect.

Finally invested in a 2013 fishing license (haven’t fished in one year) and got the Yamaha fixed. Feels good to be back out enjoying life with Chad and Mother Nature! East Fork Lake is gin clear and getting darker. Water temp is 73 degrees. Sunset’s completely around 7:30. Looking forward to some great Fall fishing on the Fork. Love it!

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Late September Bassin on the Ohio River

Well, after a long break Chad and Dad finally made it back on the water. Haven’t fished for one year. Everything changed this weekend. Fished Upper and Lower pool – above and below Meldahl Dam. Fishing wasn’t to good for us in New Richmond. Water was low and clear but not to much action. Chad did find some Skipjack action but no game fish.

Sunday was different at White Oak. We pulled in on Tournament but managed to catch 6 Bass before 11:00am. 2 Spots, 1 Smallmouth and 2 Largemouth. 5 nice keepers.

It was great to be back out. Water was 75 degrees and stable.

Looking forward to some great Fall action on the Ohio River…if Mother Nature cooperates.

Great to be back.

Chad and Dad

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Wednesday evening Crappie in September

Few nice ones. You have to love it to bring home fish like this consistently. Chad loves it!

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