Winter Saugeye fishing when the Ohio River is flooded

It’s usually Sauger time at the Ohio River in December – unless Mother Nature puts a damper on things and she did just that!  Rained for a week! The Ohio River isn’t flooded at present but its still muddy since last week’s high water conditions.  Muddy water is not the best conditions to catch Sauger (however Sauger will bite in muddy water). So, we chose not to fish Meldahl.

Since Saugeye are being stocked in many lakes in Southwestern Ohio Chad and Dad decided to fish Rocky Fork Lake Sunday. The Lake was clear and 40 degrees. We located a few Saugeye and stayed active throughout the whole day. No wind and overcast. Caught a lot of small ones and had a lot of fun. Saugeye were “nipping” on our baits and biting “finicky”…but we did manage to catch several nice fish.

Chad and Dad love catching “toothy” fish in the Winter! The cold water bite is a lot of fun. Whether Sauger, Saugeye, or Walleye they are all a lot of fun to catch. Goes on all Winter if Mother Nature permits.

Fresh fish for supper tonight -m-m-m-m-m.

Enjoy life fishing in Southwestern Ohio. We appreciate you sharing life with us. The Ohio River should be in good shape in days to come.

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East Fork Lake Musky stock update…2014

Musky stocking in East Fork Lake started in 2008.

The following numbers do not include Musky fry and fingerlings. These tiny fish are also stocked while stocking 11″ developed Muskies. The stocked Musky chart below – are hatchery raised Musky that are fed from fry until a decent size is reached – to eliminate risk of growth and life in the new environment.

2008      1559…11 1/2″ Muskies were stocked
2009      1971…9 1/2″ Muskies were stocked
2010       1784…10-14″ Muskies were stocked
2011        1492…11″ Muskies were stocked
2012       2107…9″ Muskies were stocked
2013       2118…11″ Muskies were stocked
2014       4154…11-12″ Muskies were stocked

East Fork Lake now has approximately 15,072 stocked Muskies. Many reports about 38″ Musky have been made in years past. My son Chad Roehm had a 38″ Musky November 2011. The first Husky Musky was predicted in 2013. ***This updated report was made… 12/10/2014

Stocking was in (2) intervals in 2014 – Sept 24 – 1062 – October 22 – 3062

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Do fish bite in the Winter? Yes.

Don’t let the Winter Blues get the best of you. Fish will bite in the Winter. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise. Fish bite good in the Winter. Often you just have to slow down the presentation and show it to them right. Chad and Dad catch more fish in the Winter than Summer.

Crappie are coldwater biting fish.
Bluegill are coldwater biting fish.
Sauger are coldwater biting fish.
Musky are coldwater biting fish.
Bass are coldwater biting fish.
Catfish are coldwater biting fish.

Fish can be active and will strike hard especially in clear, cold water conditions. Sometimes the secret to catching fish is to “slow down” the presentation almost to a “standstill”…and then just quiver the bait slightly to trigger strikes. Tiny jigs and floaters, jerk-baits, live minnows, work well.

Don’t forget farmponds or small lakes. I think of small-water on rainy week-ends like this week-end. Ohio River Sauger might be out of the question if it gets muddy or the River rises to high. Perhaps Crappie at East Fork? Perhaps Musky at East Fork.  Chad caught a nice 37″  Musky last year this time at East Fork. Perhaps Blue-gill in small ponds? Rain will be here until Tuesday.

Chad and Dad love farm-ponds in the Winter. Crappie or Bluegill on the ultra-lights. Tubes, Jig and floater.

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter have been working together this week. Rain but 40-50 degrees. Still good fishing weather! The River is 46 degrees. EastFork Lake is 50 degrees. Farm ponds are probably 40 degrees. Fish will bite in the Winter! Try it! You may like it!

Don’t forget about the Good Lord! Enjoy life. Thanks for stopping by.

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Double header – East Fork Crappie and Clermont County venison

Came home from work yesterday and had to dress out a small doe – about 130 lbs. Chelsea’s (my granddaughter) boyfriend Casey Smith made the kill Sunday. We hung it Sunday evening and dressed it out Monday. Fresh Deer meat for supper tonight.

As I was coming in Chad and Rodney Powers had just came off of East Fork Lake with 57 real nice Crappie. They caught 163 in East Fork’s high water. They fished until dark and had a blast.

December has been good this year. Mother Nature has been a little rough but Old Man Winter has been fairly reasonable. The Ohio River is very high so Sauger fishing is on hold. East Fork is above Winter Pool with 60% clarity. Crappie are “on”.

I’ll keep you posted. Keep enjoying life and don’t forget about the Good Lord.


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Fishing December’s ice water in Ohio’s small lakes

Chad and Dad couldn’t go Sauger fishing in the Ohio River this weekend (high water). So, we decided to fish small water around Williamsburg Ohio. Small lake water is very cold in December but can be very productive. It doesn’t get to cold to catch Bass or Crappie. I like clear cold water better than murky cold water. Fish can see the lure better and will come further to make the strike. It was 40 degrees yesterday and the water was probably around 34-36 degrees. Fish eat year round.

Rattle traps
Crappie jigs

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Thanksgiving Sauger at Meldahl – 2014

After a couple of years Chad and Dad decided to go to Meldahl Dam  sauger fishing. We went Sunday and the bite was what I consider as up and down. Lot’s of barge traffic. Lots of current changes and wind are factors that sent “the bite” up and down. The water temp was 47 degrees. The river clarity was “clear”. I would define the sauger bite as “finicky”. Lots of short strikes and most came on the jig and minnow.

God willing Chad and Dad will have some sauger reports for the Blog – between now and 2015. Great Winter activity. Dress warm and watch the wind closely. Wind can be vicious at Meldahl.

Tonight we will have “fresh Ohio River sauger” pan fried – been at least (2) years.

PS…I’ve been inactive for a long while but my fishing partner Chad has been catching Bass and Crappie in small water for the past two months. Chad never sits still. Good fisherman and teaches ole Dad a few pointers from time to time.

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Slab Creek – East Fork Lake – Chad and Dad

We love life and Mother Nature

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