Day two – East Fork Crappie Tournament – no victory

Chad and Rodney Powers – day two – not enough weight. Fished hard. 4.6lbs. won. Still Crappie capital of Ohio. Water is beautiful. Dad on the sidelines with camera.

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What catching lots of Crappie does…

Sharp Fin punctures, Crappie slime, and sore hands. This is what happens when Chad and Rodney warms up for East Fork Lake tournaments. Tough on the hands? Yes. Can you imagine how many Crappie it takes to wear out a hand taking fish off the hook? Check out all the fin marks. Smells like Crappie when Chad comes home. East Fork Lake – Crappie Capital of Ohio. 400 fish days – lots of 9-10″ keepers. Day (2) of the Tournament 9-15-2014. I’ll be there with camera.


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East Fork Crappie Tournament …9-13-2014

Chad Roehm and veteran Crappie fisherman Rodney Powers took 1st place. Had to hunt Crappie hard. They were pulling water and the lake is getting low. Pressure on! Finding nice keeper slabs is difficult. Tournament tomorrow. Fishing will be tougher.

Dad from the sidelines. I’ll keep you posted.

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Peaches Al La Mode – 2014 and 2012

Peaches al la mode 2014

Dear Brother, Howard Aschenbrenner stopped by the Roehm a few days ago. We did it over again. Fine tuning perfection! This is second time for Peaches al la mode Rick Roehm style. The Blog (below) was originally written in 2012. Howard snapped a picture this year. Worth posting!

To my surprise, Howard was toting a basket of freshly grown Florida peaches and he decided to drop a few off at the Roehm’s… m-m-m-m. So on Howard’s visit, along with the good fellowship in the Lord we used the fresh peaches and whipped up this excellent little dessert that is worth posting.

While I was cooking and preparing this dessert Howard took the liberty of making the above photo on his cell phone to send to a few other friends. The above photo was also sent to me which prompted this recipe for future use. The Peaches Al La Mode dessert dish also accompanied the Fish BLT’s of which were pictured and posted at Southwestern Ohio Fishing Blog that evening. It was great fellowship in the Lord; great eating; and great posting!  Here’s the link to the Fish BLT part of the dinner if you care to enjoy it also: Excellent Sauger BLT Recipe

Peaches Al La Mode

2 Tbs butter
1/4 cup honey
1/8 tsp ground ginger
1/8 tsp Almond extract
2 Tbs Amaretto (Coffee-mate Amaretto flavored creamer)
2-3 large peaches
Vanilla Ice Cream

Heat skillet…melt and combine butter, honey, ginger, Almond extract, and Amaretto…add fresh (peeled) peaches cut into wedges. Cook until soft…approx. 1 minute

Over good rich Vanilla Ice Cream


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Fall Bassin at East Fork

Summer weather changing. Air cooling down as we inch into Fall , slowly. Bass begin changing their pattern. The pattern? Gorging themselves with food (shad and crawdads) for the Winter. Happens every year. Be expecting some reports. Boat coming out of hibernation in about a week. Reason? Fall Bassin at East Fork is great! Also looking forward to some great slab Crappie and Hybrid striper fishing during September.

Looking forward,

Rick Roehm

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Catman Chad and Dad

For all of you.

Have missed writing and posting Southwestern Ohio fishing reports and experience’s this year. Chad and Dad haven’t had the boat out since September of 2013. 2014 work projects have occupied us but all that is soon coming to a halt. Job is almost finished!

Catman Chad was fishing yesterday at East Fork Creek. Brought home a nice stringer if small Channel Cats. Caught the catfish on Shad. Caught Shad with a seign. Catman Chad keeps on fishing but him and I together haven’t pursued Bass, Striper, of Crappie yet this year. The boat may be coming out of the garage in the next few weeks.

Looking forward to some great fishing. Missing Southwestern Ohio fishing and the great outdoors.

Just a little update from Chad and Dad. Will let you know about how the catfish were. Don’t eat them often but once in while they are great!

Catman Chad and Dad
Williamsburg Ohio

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Southwestern Ohio – Turtles

The twin Granddaughters – Chelsea and Charity captured these nice “turtle” photos while enjoying life this Spring. Both Turtles are native in Southwestern Ohio. The bigger turtle is a land turtle; or box turtle. The smaller “painted turtle” is a water turtle. So much to do in Southwestern Ohio while enjoying the outdoors. Worth posting!

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