Keeping the family tradition alive

Chad and Dad have been a little slack Bass fishing lately. Miss Chelsea Piercefield (grand-daughter) is keeping our family tradition alive. This nice April Bass came on a rubber worm in a small Southwestern Ohio lake near Higginsport Ohio. Nice fish!
Chelsea Piercefield

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East Fork Lake 2014 – Crappie Tournament Schedule

This East Fork Lake Crappie Tournament is sponsored by the Boar’s Head/Furniture Fair. $75.00 a team. $10:00 for big Crappie.

No dead fish. 7 fish limit. Minimum 9″.

Time: 7:00am-3:00pm.

Enjoy tournament fishing for Crappie at East Fork Lake, the Crappie capital of Ohio!


The Championship… “Fish Off”

October 25th & 26th

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2014 – East Fork Lake (Ken Begley) – Bass Tournament info

Weekly Tuesday Night info /Sunday Monthly Memorial Tournament Schedule…East Fork Lake

Weekly results…Tuesday Night Bass Tournament…East Fork Lake
Beginning April 29th…

2013-Season standings…Tuesday Night Bass Tournament…East Fork Lake
Beginning April 29th…

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A true fish story

April 6th, 2014 Chad was Bass/Crappie fishing in a small lake in Southwestern Ohio. A hand size Crappie got on the hook and “POW” the line on Chad’s ultra-light drag started smoking line. The rod was bent double and finally the HAWG surfaced. It was 6-7 lb. Largemouth Bass that came up and ate the Crappie Chad had in the Crappie jig. After a minute the Largemouth came up and tail walked and threw the small Crappie jig. Chad was enticed and now hooked for life. He figured out what Hawg Bass eat for breakfast.

Get ready – better fishing days coming. Enjoy life in Southwestern Ohio!

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Jerkin for Large-mouth Bass in April

Here’s a little Spring Large-mouth tidbit from Chad and Dad. Bass are getting super active. Chad has been catching lots of Large-mouth Bass during these warm and frontal days. Dad has been working at work and at home…ugh!

Bass are really catch-able, “Now”. Try a jerk-bait if you want to have some fun. Chad and Dad like suspending style baits (when water is cold) but floating types work well also.

Water is warming up fast. Now is the time catch Bass. Jerkin works great for Large-mouth before the water warms up. After the water warms Bass get a little harder to catch.

Spring fun is now! Enjoy life! Have fun catching Bass! Try jerkin for Large-mouth in early Spring.

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Bluegills are biting

Sunday was a great “Bluegill” day for Chad. He caught an nice stringer of fish to fillet for lunch this week. Frontal conditions may have triggered the Bluegill bite as he told me, “They were biting great”. Tube, jig, floater. Twitching slowly.

40 degrees, windy, typical Spring day. Sweatshirt weather.

Chad caught a few Bass and Crappie also – but Bluegills were the target.

Bluegills for lunch Monday. M-M-M-M——

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Inching our way into Spring

The first of March can swing drastically into a warming trend in the next weeks to come. As warm air makes warm water conditions the fishing mode begins its yearly change into Spring pattern. If Mother Nature’s rains hold back and the River doesn’t flood…Sauger fishing can be fantastic at Meldahl Dam this next two months. Chad and Dad are looking forward. Not only do Sauger begin to get active in the River but the same goes for Crappie fishing at East Fork Lake…the Crappie capital of Ohio.

Chad and Dad

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