Late August – 2015 – East Fork Lake – Musky on the rise

Chad and Dad have stumbled into a few Musky this year. Still small but more numbers are showing up. Chad caught 2 in the month of August while we were Bass Fishing. Chad and Dad watch East Fork closely as we both love to pursue Musky as well as other species of fish.

Water is clearing up again and the lake is stable. Great fishing ahead. Thanks for stopping by. The East Fork wildflowers are really attractive in the Fall of the year. Love God’s creation! Black eyed Susan’s!

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Bass fishing East Fork – 2015

Chad and Dad haven’t Bass fished much this year…but this weekend we had a little fun. Caught several Bass. Water was cloudy. A little high. 81 degrees. Largemouth are just starting to get into the Fall biting mode. Here’s a picture from yesterday.

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18′ Skeeter – 150 HP Yamaha Pro V – For Sale

Decided to let our boat go. If your interested contact…
$3900.00 takes all

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Crappie masters on East Fork Lake

This past year Dad has been quite hindered in the fishing department due to boat problems and time issues. These hindrances haven’t stopped Chad one single iota – who this Summer has teamed up with Rodney Powers a veteran Crappie Master on East Fork Lake.

These guys have literally slaughtered Crappie and Hybrid Striper on East Fork Lake this year. Various techniques have kept the consistent bite fresh, all year. Deep or shallow; on the drop; dragging live minnows;  floaters or deadline…these guys have hammered these fish. Nice ones too!

Rodney and Chad love fishing, rain or shine, hot or cold, windy or calm, doesn’t matter. They cover every nook and cranny on East Fork Lake that I believe is the  Crappie Capital of Ohio.

So, I just wait for the fix on my boat while I hear numerous stories from Chad about the “the bite” on East Fork Lake. These guys are truly Crappie Masters and they don’t do bad on the Hybrid Striper either.

Better days coming for Dad with the boat issues… but it sure makes me happy to see these guys make it happen at East Fork Lake.

Appreciate everyone stopping by and enjoying life with Chad, Dad, and Rodney Powers at Southwestern Ohio Fishing. Enjoy life on the water.

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July – Hybrid Striper at East Fork Lake

Chad and Dad don’t always agree on everything – but we love fishing! Chad lands a nice 10 pounder! Caught it in the break. Caught 4 other smaller fish. Not bad for an evening after work.

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Chad and Dad got caught in a thunderstorm

We pulled into a sunny setting at the Afton ramp last night. Made a few casts and caught a couple of Bass. All was well. The lake is up about 4 feet. The water is clear with a small taint of green from the algae bloom which is becoming a huge problem.  The Lake temp was around 80 degrees. Thunder and lighting thrashed around us. Everything was right in the fishing department, then from a distance we heard a loud noise caused from rain drops. It moved quick from the West then we were soaked. Had to head in. It was over but I believe we could’ve caught some serious Bass. So, we loaded the boat and drove home. Don’t like to get caught in heavy down pours. Chad and Dad disagree on Mother nature’s wrath. Anyway we still enjoy life. We’ll pursue Bass on another day.

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East Fork Striper action – June

Chad and Dad hammered the Hybrids for about 20 minutes Sunday. Brought 6 nice fish home. No size limit on Hybrid Striper at East Fork. We caught perhaps 15-20 fish cranking. Hybrid Striper do go through the spawn cycle but can not reproduce.

The water temp was 85.

Fresh chives from the herb garden. Fresh fish from the Lake. Mrs. Roehm’s  good cooking. Here’s the recipe that was given to me several years ago by dear cousin Donnie Rierson.

Striped Bass and Fettuccine

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