Field of Robins – sign of early Spring?

Taken – February 1, 2018

Enlarge if possible…

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Deep fried Sauger – 11/2017

As Mother nature permitted Chad and Dad went to Meldahl Dam and caught 18 Sauger Sunday. Brought them home for an excellent meal.

Filet all fish
Roll in filets in flour
Dip in egg bath
Roll filets in Panko bread crumbs
Deep fry in cast iron skillet – hot Wesson oil

Serve with salad, and baked potato


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It’s time right now

Mother Nature says its now! Water temp 58-60 degrees. Bass, Hybrid Striper, White Bass, Drum. Chad and I had a blast Sunday. No Sauger…yet, but its getting close. First of November!

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Dad’s fishing partner – Chad

Chad caught this on the first day at Cave Run Lake – on a custom made bait by Doug Grisso – owner of Grim reaper Lure company – Morehead Ky.

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Author of this Blog

Fall 2017 – East Fork Lake

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East Fork Lake Buffalo – 20lbs.

If you ever wondered what those fish were that porpoise and flip all around the lake in the Summer…they are Buffalo Carp. Chad caught this one last night on a 9′ pole – 4lb. test line. 30 minutes to land.

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Old spinner bait in a tree

As Chad and Dad fished yesterday Chad found an old spinner bait hanging in a tree. I took the boat in and Chad removed it from the entangled spider-wire. He then tied it onto his pole and used it to catch two real nice bass. Was Dad surprised? Yes. It was an unusual looking spinner bait (frog colored)…but it worked well with much to be learned. Should work well in the future. Thought this old fish story was worth telling.

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