Chad and Dad are back

This was a very nice Largemouth Bass caught by Chad – Wednesday evening after the Storm. Lake was about 4 feet high with lots of debris. Chad nailed this Hawg…and thought it was a Striper at first. Before I got home – Chad and Rodney Powers Crappie fished through all day through the storm. They caught a real nice mess of Crappie.

In the late evening Chad and Dad got into a few Hybrid Striper – just before dark. The break was on and the Hybrids were busting Shad everywhere.

Great time! Love it!

August 18 - East Fork

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Great August weekend Bassin at East Fork Lake

Chad and Dad got out this weekend and really caught the Largemouth Bass despite the heavy wind and showers. We went Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning and the weather was the trigger. Bass were on! I like fronts this time of the year. Caught lots of Bass – and lots of little ones.

Chad finesse fished by using rubber and tiny crank-baits. He hammered the Bass and I caught several myself on different types of rubber and traditional crank-baits. These August Largemouth were finicky but catchable when you found their territory and holding pattern.

Wild life everywhere. Birds, Bald Eagle, Herons, Ospreys, etc.  Shad population everywhere. Water was 85 degrees, 90% clear and at Summer pool. Bass were biting but we haven’t fished for them much this year.

Had lots of fun with my fishing partner Chad. Bass beware when Chad and Dad find you. Smiles.

Looking forward to some great Fall fishing for East Fork Lake Largemouth. Especially with my good ole fishing partner, Chad.

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East Fork Lake water advisory

This is only an awareness post. Stay informed if your around the water, you fish, or catch fish. This link will always be available in the sidebar at Southwestern Ohio Fishing.

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Family affair slaying Crappie – after work

For the first time “in many years” the Roehm family (Rick, Paula, and Chad) got out together and found a little evening crappie action. Weather was nice, no wind, clear water, and had a few honey holes to go to. Chad led the pack as the fish finder, Paula learned a couple of new crappie techniques, and I guided and ran the trolling motor. We all caught fish and had a great time in just a couple of hours. Unforgettable experience! Loved it! Quality time as a family! Quality time catching Crappie!

Love fishing East Fork Lake – Crappie Capital of Ohio.

PS…Crappie were deep and shallow both. We caught fish all different ways.

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Double Hybrid Stripers

This photo was taken one evening when the Hybrids were “breaking”. This was our first double catch and made a good selfie.


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Mid July 2016 – East Fork Lake

Evenings are a blessing at East Fork Lake this time of the year. Last night (my new fishing partner) Paula and I found a few Hybrid Striper and Crappie. We experienced a little skiff of wind and overcast…but the July Shad population allows the fish we are looking for – a place to congregate. The water is clear and at Summer pool. Schooling shad can also mean schooling Hybrid striper and Crappie. We found a few fish congregated last night. Had a little fun and enjoyed life after work.

Haven’t Bass fished much this year but I do watch the Hybrid Striper and Crappie pretty close. I usually manage to find a few to keep us interested.

Anyway, here’s a mid-July fishing report.

Glad to be back as the boat seems to working fine. Appreciate you stopping by the blog. Keep enjoying life – fishing in Southwestern Ohio. God willing I will keep the updates coming your way.

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Paula’s “First” Hybrid Striper – East Fork Lake – July 2016

Quality time at East Fork Lake. So glad Paula and I could get together and make this evening (after work) happen! This was Paula’s first Hybrid Striper. We were in the break and fish were busting Shad everywhere.
Paula's Striper

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