Late November -Bass biting – Ohio River

Chad and Dad went looking for Sauger. Couldn’t find any but the Bass were biting – so we fished for Bass instead. Caught all (3) species of Bass. Wind was from the East…but fishing wasn’t the least. Unusual!

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Fishing the Ohio River – when everything is right

Decided Wednesday to leave work early (play hooky) and be-line to the Ohio River. Upper pool. It was Sunny, 72 degrees outside;  the water was 60 degrees and still cloud colored.

Mother Nature said everything was right! No wind! She was right!

Cranked, fished deep, and enjoyed the scenery on the Ohio River (which is like an ocean). Everything was biting and bulking up for Winter. White Bass, Hybrid Striper, Sauger, Largemouth Bass, and Spotted Bass.

It was on! Had to do it because cold, bad weather is coming! Had a blast! Appreciated God’s creation and of course the Creator.

It’s time, “Now” for Ohio River Sauger”…

November Sauger

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Musky – East Fork Lake – 2016

Lot’s of Musky caught this year at East Fork Lake!  2017 will be a great year!

Chad and I caught several up to 38 inches. Lost several nice ones too!

Had a few fellow musky fishermen catch several Musky also.

Musky fishing came on good this year in 2016. I even filled out some Ohio Musky cards which we at Southwestern Ohio Fishing  encourage others to do – to preserve our local Musky stock.

When you catch – fill out a “catch card”.

Rick Roehm

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East Fork Lake Musky stock update…2016

Musky stocking in East Fork Lake started in 2008. In 2016 they are coming on as Mother Nature intended. Many, many, many Musky were caught this year.

The following numbers do not include Musky fry and/or fingerlings. Musky fry are also stocked – along with stocking 11″ developed Muskies. The stocked Musky chart below – are hatchery raised Musky that are fed until they become a decent size which eliminates risk of growth and life in the new environment.

2008      1559…11 1/2″ Muskies were stocked
2009      1971…9 1/2″ Muskies were stocked
2010       1784…10-14″ Muskies were stocked
2011        1492…11″ Muskies were stocked
2012       2107…9″ Muskies were stocked
2013       2118…11″ Muskies were stocked
2014       4154…11-12″ Muskies were stocked
2015       4187…11″ Muskies were stocked
2016       786….fingerling muskies (8-10 inches)

East Fork Lake now has approximately 20,000 stocked Muskies. Many reports about 38″ Musky have been made in years past. My son Chad Roehm had a 38″ Musky November 2011. The first Husky Musky was predicted in 2013 – still haven’t heard of one…yet.  Chad and I caught several Musky this year and fellow Musky fisherman are also catching decent sized Musky as of September 2015.

  • 2014 – Stocking in (2) intervals  – Sept 24 – 1062 – October 22 – 3054
  • 2015 – Stocking in (2) intervals – Sept 15 – 2000 – Sept 21 – 2187
  • 293,000 – Musky  fry were stocked April – May of 2015
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The opportunist

The Ohio River was beautiful Sunday. Very cold ambient temp 27 degrees – water was 59 degrees. Clarity was about 80% with a dingy tint…but somewhat clear.

Went out for Sauger but started the cold morning off with a nice Hybrid Striper on light action gear about 7-9 lbs. In the process I stumbled onto a weed-bed that appeared to hold a few Largemouth Bass. As I fished back and forth the 20 yard stretch I realized that Bass were congregated in the sparse weed-beds. So, I began fishing for Bass and it was a great decision. Bass were all over this shallow weed-bed and actively feeding! Caught perhaps 10 in a matter of just a few minutes! Some were real nice!

The fog began to dissipate as the Sun came through. These shallow Bass seemed to “turn off” and the bite was over. Began fishing for Sauger again without success. Caught a nice Shovelhead and lost a second fish that I didn’t see. Released all the Bass and will go back around Thanksgiving!

I flexed yesterday and took the opportunity to catch what was biting! Never did find what I was looking for (Sauger) but stumbled onto everything else. Had a great time enjoying life fishing on the Ohio River in November. Beautiful day! God bless!

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November – Ohio River fishing with Chelsea

Quality time with the granddaughter (Ms. Chelsea Piercefield) and great fishing! Everything was right. Caught lots of fish! White Bass, Largemouth, and Hybrid striper!

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Late October – Hybrid Striper and White Bass action with Chelsea

Ms. Chelsea Brook (the fisherman grand daughter) and I had a nice day Sunday – catching lots of fish.

As an opportunist I approach and look for “the bite” from memories and knowledge from past year experience. Usually works as Fall and cooler weather comes in.

We caught small white bass and big Hybrid Striper (a few line-breakers). Chelsea was using light action tackle and getting bit by huge Hybrid Striper. Lost a few and even broke on off. Smiles! After the dust settled we caught several and had a great time on the Ohio River.

We caught many species of fish, Catfish, Sauger, White Bass, Hybrid Striper, and Largemouth Bass. Lots of action! Lots of fun!

Chelsea enjoys the outdoors and so do I! Quality time on the Ohio River! Lots of action! Great and memorable experience!

We released all fish and let them grow. Love it!

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