Old spinner bait in a tree

As Chad and Dad fished yesterday Chad found an old spinner bait hanging in a tree. I took the boat in and Chad removed it from the entangled spider-wire. He then tied it onto his pole and used it to catch two real nice bass. Was Dad surprised? Yes. It was an unusual looking spinner bait (frog colored)…but it worked well with much to be learned. Should work well in the future. Thought this old fish story was worth telling.

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BIG Hybrid Striper 2017 – East Fork Lake – Chad Roehm

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2017 – East Fork Lake (Ken Begley) – Bass Tournament info

2017 – Weekly results…Tuesday Night Bass Tournament…East Fork Lake

2017 – Season standings…Tuesday Night Bass Tournament…East Fork Lake

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My fishing partner and son…

Chad enjoying life…

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Fried Striper


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Late April Bass action – East Fork Lake

Chad and Dad went over to East Fork Sunday and fished early. No results. The cold, north wind and front seemed to have the fish neutralized where we were fishing calm water. After looking around for a while we ended up fishing in the wind, on the points, in the main lake. I had a phone call and Chad banged 3-4 Bass while I was talking. After the phone call we figured the Bass out. They were actively feeding in the “rough water” conditions exactly opposite from where we started early that morning. We caught several Bass and Hybrid Striper fishing “rollers” and “windy points”. It was cold and rough on us but the fish were active, biting, and we had lots of fun. We fished until 2:00 and finally put the ole Ranger in the trailer.

The lake is murky this year with 75% clarity. The water temp was on the average around 65 degrees. Crappie are biting everywhere – but  Chad and Dad stayed on the largemouth and had a pretty good day – for East Fork. Lot’s of little Bass this year. Chad missed a Hawg – he swears was in the 6-8 pound class. Did manage to catch a 5-6 pound Hybrid Striper that we will have for supper tonight over fettucine. Anyway, that’s the weekend report at East Fork Lake where the cold front and wind came in this weekend.

This time of the year went the water is this warm – if you look hard enough you can find “catchable Bass” somewhere.  The problem is East Fork’s flood control situation that makes it very difficult to pattern Bass. Chad and Dad seem to work out – as long as I can keep Chad off the Crappie (which by the way are on fire – right now).

Chad and Rodney Powers will be back at Crappie fishing  this coming week…at East Fork the Crappie capital of Ohio.

Anyway , God Bless and thanks for stopping by.


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Mid-April – East Fork Lake – Chad and Dad

Went out Tuesday evening. Lots of little Largemouth Bass! Pre-spawn period in Ohio and Bass are really active. Water was 50% clarity and 68 degrees. Everything is right! First good time out! Bass are ready right now! Most of all quality time with Chad – my favorite fishing partner and son. Great time yesterday evening at Est Fork Lake.

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