Inching our way into Spring – 2015

It’s been a long Winter.

The first of March and April will now swing drastically into a warming trend the next weeks to come. I predict the snow is over. As warmer air makes warmer water conditions the fishing mode begins its yearly change – into Spring fishing pattern. Yeah!

After the snow melts – and if Mother Nature’s rain holds back – the Ohio River will go to pool (and clear up) …Sauger fishing will be fantastic at Meldahl Dam. Chad and Dad are looking forward to this action. Prime time …now!

Not only do Sauger get active in the Ohio River but the same goes for Crappie fishing at East Fork Lake…the Crappie capital of Ohio. Prime time now! When Mother Nature permits the fish will be ready! So are we. See you there!

Chad and Dad

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Ohio River depth – Cincinnati

Here’s the fisherman’s easy reference link to check the River Depth at Cincinnati and Meldahl Dam. It’s now permanently added to the side bar of this Blog for your quick check of Ohio River level. Its listed under “Categories” and “Ohio River level”. Thanks for stopping by Southwestern Ohio Fishing. Little tid-bit from Chad and Dad.

River depth at Cincinnati

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Breaking through the ice for East Fork Lake – Crappie

Sunday was COLD! The coves were ice covered. In some places the ice was an inch thick. Chad Roehm and Rodney Powers still made it happen. They broke through the ice with Rodney’s aluminum boat. They brought home a limit of Crappie – 30 each.

It doesn’t get to cold for crappie to bite in Southwestern Ohio. Just have to find spots where the there is no ice.  Some of these real nice keeper Crappie came on a floater as high as 3 feet deep. Still. most of the fish came on jigs.

Chad and Rodney defied all odds and made it happen in mid- January 2015. How? Determination. Pleasure. Dressing warm, and respecting Mother Nature. Cold weather didn’t stop these guys at the Crappie Capital of Ohio – East Fork Lake.

Just have to be extremely careful.

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Crappie Bonanza – East Fork Lake – double limit – 2015

Sunday is not a day of rest for these Crappie fishermen.

Rodney Powers and Chad Roehm (crappie masters) both working hard in their fish cleaning stations – after 4 hours of hard work. They caught 200-300 crappie in high winds at East Fork. When I picked Chad up at Rodney’s house Rodney had out the fillet knife, cleaning 30. Chad did the same thing when he got home. Two excellent Crappie masters at the Crappie Capital of Ohio, East Fork Lake.

Record catch for the New Year.

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New Year’s eve (2014) and New Year’s day (2015) – Crappie at East Fork Lake

What a way to bring in the new year of 2015!

Chad did it by himself from the bank-line on New Year’s Eve, 2014. Chad and Dad worked together New Year’s Day to make it happen on 27 nice keepers. Both days were extremely cold (almost freezing and windy). New Year’s Day was heavy winds. Didn’t matter though – we made it happen. Most of our fish were caught on jigs and a few came on minnows. Day two produced bigger fish.

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Christmas Crappie at East Fork – 2014

Chad and Dad had a real nice time Christmas Day at the Crappie Capital of Ohio. Went to East Fork and had the lake to ourselves. The water temp was 45 degrees with beautiful clarity. The ” Crappie bite” was on. Agggressive slabs both Black and White. Like popcorn – We love it! Had a hot tip from veteran Crappie master Rodney Powers. He pointed us in the right direction then we made it happen. Quality time! Quality Christmas. Love it! You tube video coming tommorrow.

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Winter Saugeye fishing when the Ohio River is flooded

It’s usually Sauger time at the Ohio River in December – unless Mother Nature puts a damper on things and she did just that!  Rained for a week! The Ohio River isn’t flooded at present but its still muddy since last week’s high water conditions.  Muddy water is not the best conditions to catch Sauger (however Sauger will bite in muddy water). So, we chose not to fish Meldahl.

Since Saugeye are being stocked in many lakes in Southwestern Ohio Chad and Dad decided to fish Rocky Fork Lake Sunday. The Lake was clear and 40 degrees. We located a few Saugeye and stayed active throughout the whole day. No wind and overcast. Caught a lot of small ones and had a lot of fun. Saugeye were “nipping” on our baits and biting “finicky”…but we did manage to catch several nice fish.

Chad and Dad love catching “toothy” fish in the Winter! The cold water bite is a lot of fun. Whether Sauger, Saugeye, or Walleye they are all a lot of fun to catch. Goes on all Winter if Mother Nature permits.

Fresh fish for supper tonight -m-m-m-m-m.

Enjoy life fishing in Southwestern Ohio. We appreciate you sharing life with us. The Ohio River should be in good shape in days to come.

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