Green Sunfish and Warmouth – Southwestern Ohio

For years I’ve been tossed with making a distinction between these (2) fish in the Bluegill/Sunfish category. Just recently I found out the difference between the two. The true Warmouth is a much rarer fish, but we catch a few of these jewels in Southwestern Ohio. The Green Sunfish (which I have always labeled as a Warmouth) is much more common. Glad to have made the distinction. Do you know the difference?

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Mother’s Day 2016 – meant Bass action at East Fork

Went over Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning for a couple of hours each day. Paula (my new fishing partner) went with me Saturday. Mother’s Day went by myself.

Lake was beautiful with Gin clear water conditions. Bass seemed to be very active. Water temp is still in the mid 60’s. Pre-spawn Largemouth Bass are ready for the hook. Caught 4-5 five nice ones Saturday, a few Sunday and missed several.

I was fishing the calm parts of the Lake. Lake shiners were everywhere swirling and gliding around in schools showing themselves on the surface. Every year at this time of the year when these little shiners are activated – Bass seem to be activated too. Shiners only show themselves in the Spring of the year but when they do – Bass fishing is right!

I’m enjoying it this year with (2) new fishing partners: My wife Paula and grand-daughter Chelsea. Quality time with quality people.

Looking forward to more great times at East Fork Lake…with family fishing partners, Enjoying Mother Nature and most of all Father God.

May Bass on the Fork

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May 1st on the Fork –

Sunday was a beautiful day for Chel and Pap. Cloudy, clear water in the lower end, average water temp – 68 degrees. Crappie spawning everywhere, both Blacks and Whites. We caught scattered Crappie in several places. Chel caught a couple channel catfish and was fascinated with them. We brought 27 Crappie home to filet. Had a great, great time! Chel appreciates the outdoors and wildlife so-o-o-o much. A much greater blessing for Pap!

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Homegrown Hawg Bass from the secret honey-hole

Caught 4/27/2016 by my fishing partner…Chel

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2016- East Fork Lake (Ken Begley) – Bass Tournament info

2016 – Weekly results…Tuesday Night Bass Tournament…East Fork Lake

2016 – Season standings…Tuesday Night Bass Tournament…East Fork Lake

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Mother nature brings in the rain…

Take a little time out for Father God.

From Rick Roehm author of Southwestern Ohio fishing

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After work slabs at East Fork

Paula and I made it out Wednesday evening and found a few nice spawning Black Crappie. Brought 17 home that will prepare nicely for Thursday’s supper. Had a great time! Actually quality time! Everything is right in late April this year. Really enjoy fishing with Mrs. Roehm. Catching a few snags and catching a few Crappie. Smiles. Looking forward to better days. Really enjoying life. As you can tell Paula loves it also!


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