Crappie fishing report – East Fork lake in late November

The Lake was overcast with a slight skiff of wind Sunday. Small amounts of ice were freezing in the eyes of Chad and Dad’s poles. Hands were cold and got colder every time we boated a Crappie – but it is fun! For tough guys. It was 32 degrees outside. Water was 53 degrees. We were spot fishing timber and lay downs. We found shallow fish and deep fish. Lots of small Crappie. Lots of White Crappie. It was however, throwback Sunday. Still having fun and will go again Thanksgiving Day. One of our hotspots produced a lot of action and it was on. Sometimes the Crappie master Chad Roehm under estimates ole Dad. We caught lots of fish as the Sun came out and turned the Crappie on before we called it a day. We appreciate life. Thank you for sharing life with Chad and Dad. We appreciate.

PS…The new boat seems to be working well. Lots of learning curves. So far its working just the way its supposed to. Should have it down by Spring.

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Late November report…at East Fork Lake

Chad and Dad are back. We made it over to the Lake Saturday. No Bass and only a few Crappie. Rain crept in as we got super wet, but we had a good time just being out there, even in the cold rain. What makes it nice is the new (used) Ranger fishing boat that we’re getting broke in for 2016!

Haven’t made it to Meldahl Dam yet a it is Sauger time in November. Chad and Dad are looking forward to some of that action. At present if Old Man Winter don’t hold us back we will probably stay on the East Fork Crappie for a while.

Thanksgiving Thursday. Have a good turkey day! Maybe this year you’ll hear more from us. For the past couple of years we’ve been having up’s and downs with the old Skeeter Bass boat. It’s gone now and hopefully brighter days are coming.

Good to be back. God bless you all. Respect Mother Nature and don’t forget about Father God.

Happy Thanksgiving from Chad and Dad!

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Bald Eagle every year in November

Chad spotted this beautiful Bald Eagle watching us fish. Look close or go to full size. Beautiful bird of prey! Bald Eagles are native to East Fork Lake.

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Scenery on East Fork Lake

Wednesday after work…a couple of nice Hybrid Striper. I love the setting. We didn’t catch a lot of fish but had fun enjoying Mother Nature.

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Evening on the Ohio River

To me fishing with Chad is what makes life worth living. He never wants to quit…neither do I.

Evening on the River

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Skipjack on the Ohio River

This species of fish (river herring) get 2-3 lbs. I’ve caught Skipjacks that size. Striper, Hybrid Striper, and Catfish love skipjack baitfish anytime. Usually when you find skipjacks you find fish that feed on them. Chad caught this little guy on a spoon and minnow.

Ohio River skipjack

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Catching Bass at East Fork – Mid-October

Chad and Dad caught several nice Largemouth one evening after work. This double catch was worth posting.

Double Bass 10-14-15

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