Double Hybrid Stripers

This photo was taken one evening when the Hybrids were “breaking”. This was our first double catch and made a good selfie.


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Mid July 2016 – East Fork Lake

Evenings are a blessing at East Fork Lake this time of the year. Last night (my new fishing partner) Paula and I found a few Hybrid Striper and Crappie. We experienced a little skiff of wind and overcast…but the July Shad population allows the fish we are looking for – a place to congregate. The water is clear and at Summer pool. Schooling shad can also mean schooling Hybrid striper and Crappie. We found a few fish congregated last night. Had a little fun and enjoyed life after work.

Haven’t Bass fished much this year but I do watch the Hybrid Striper and Crappie pretty close. I usually manage to find a few to keep us interested.

Anyway, here’s a mid-July fishing report.

Glad to be back as the boat seems to working fine. Appreciate you stopping by the blog. Keep enjoying life – fishing in Southwestern Ohio. God willing I will keep the updates coming your way.

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Paula’s “First” Hybrid Striper – East Fork Lake – July 2016

Quality time at East Fork Lake. So glad Paula and I could get together and make this evening (after work) happen! This was Paula’s first Hybrid Striper. We were in the break and fish were busting Shad everywhere.
Paula's Striper

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Rick and Paula – East Fork Lake – July 2016

Paula and I were at the lake Tuesday evening and Chasity showed up with the camera. Beautiful evening and beautiful Sunset! Caught a few Crappie and just had quality time on the water.

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Spot fishing Crappie with Chad and Dad – July 2016

Its been a while since Chad and Dad have Crappie fished or even been to East Fork together. Saturday (Forth of July weekend) we went out for a few hours. We took Shelia also. I’ve been running the whole Lake – as I have been breaking in the new Yamaha which by the way seems to be working fine.

Chad and Dad located Crappie in several spots using electronics; and by going to spots and territory we’ve located Crappie in the past. Schooling fish suspended around 10 feet – were found and marked with marker buoys. Then we would fish.

All three of us caught fish and had several “doubles” and “triples”. We fished the wind, calm spots, boat wake, and territory found with the electric graph. Crappie were around 8-10 feet deep.

Fun fishing! Overcast, water temp 80 degrees, slight wind, and clear. Many Crappie – perhaps 20-30 keepers, and lots of little ones. We threw them all back.

All I could think of was the haunting feeling those Crappie must of had knowing, “Chad and Dad were back”. Smiles

Anyway…Loved it! Loved having Shelia with us (who by the way is a great Crappie fisherwoman) and we all caught Crappie. Beautiful weekend! Quality time! Eat Fork Lake – Crappie Capital of Ohio – God Blesses!

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Shakey heads – East Fork Largemouth Bass – July 2016

I like shakey heads because you can “FEEL” the bait making contact with the bottom. Haven’t set the world on fire but catching a few Bass. Back in commission now.
Lake is a little high, clear, and around 80 degree water temp.

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Chaz and Dad – late June on the Fork – 2016

Peaceful evening with the picture taker – my daughter Chasity. Had a lot of laughs and enjoyed the evening. Caught a shovelhead (on a jig) and a few Stripers. Mostly, drove around and enjoyed the scenery. Water was 70% clear. 80 degrees. Didn’t find any Bass or Crappie. Love it!

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