East Fork Lake report – February 2016

Water low. Chalky color about 60% clarity. Mid 40’s water temp. Typical Winter status but all can change in the next warming trend.

Chad and Dad fished Sunday. Caught a few Crappie. Hunted crappie without to much consistency.

Better days coming!

Chad and crappie master Rodney Powers are out today in snow flurries! Ambient temperature? 35 degrees.

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Rocky Fork – New Year’s Eve – 2015

Started off the year of 2016 at Rocky Fork Saugeye fishing. No Saugeye. Cold, breezy, water clarity bad. Chad caught a Largemouth Bass and I got skunked. Tough fishing! Usually catch a few Saugeye this time every year. Mother Nature had a bad effect. No crappie either. Did capture a nice picture of the gulls.  Brighter days coming!

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Christmas Crappie – 2015 – East Fork Lake

Chad and Dad went Christmas morning…in the rain. It was 58 degrees and the Lake was high and muddy. We found Crappie deep – 16-20′. Caught a few and had a good time, even in the Christmas rain. Not the most favorable conditions…but Crappie will bite on Christmas in Southwestern Ohio.

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Merry Christmas – 2015

Chad and Dad wishing you all the best – this holiday season. Looking forward to a blessed New Year at Southwestern Ohio fishing. Appreciate you all and thankful that you take time to join us at this Blog. God Bless! See ya on the water.

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Meldahl Sauger action – late December

Chad and Dad went to the River, Sunday. Very cold and typical day December day for the Ohio River Sauger. No wall fishing anymore…which makes it a little tougher. We managed to take home 19 nice ones and caught lots of “little cigars”.

Water was 60% clear. 28 feet high. Steady south wind and lots of current from Meldahl Dam. Sauger were scattered and the bite came in spurts.

A few females were in the bunch and the rest were males…which means better days ahead, if Mother Nature allows. Chad and Dad had a great time catching Ohio River Sauger.

We’ll do it again before the New Year if the River doesn’t flood.

Just wanted to share. Merry Christmas to you all! Appreciate you stopping by. Looking forward to a New and brighter Year at Southwestern Ohio fishing!

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Warm Winter Crappie – East Fork Lake in December

Chad and Dad are getting the new boat broke in since Mother nature is cooperating.  Caught a limit of Crappie Sunday. Had to work hard to catch them.  Lots of little fish; lots of White Crappie; and only a few Black Crappie. The Black’s were the biggest.

Chad and Dad appreciate the warm weather conditions in mid December. The water was 55 degrees. The Lake is at Winter pool and low with lots of timber and structure visible. Clarity is decent. Quality fish are scarce for Chad and Dad.

Thankful to be able the go in Mid December however we did have a nice Christmas crappie day in 2014.

Anyway good to be back and smooth running. Appreciate sharing life with you all at Southwestern Ohio Fishing. Thanks for stopping by.

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December Crappie report – East Fork Lake

Lake is low. Water clarity 75%. Water temp low 50’s. Crappie are biting but lots of little ones. Especially White Crappie.

Chad and Dad were able to catch a few Crappie – Sunday but not many. Nice December weather.

Old Man Winter is still holding back. Warm weather for the next 10 days. Last year Chad and Dad had a banner Crappie day on Christmas.

Mother Nature is still permitting in mid- December. Chad and Dad will see you at East Fork Lake the Crappie capital of Ohio.

PS…Jig and float seems to work well. Haven’t tried minnows yet.

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