Crappie Capital of Ohio – September 2020

Chad and Dad have been back this Fall. Been off for a year.

The lake is beautiful and clear. Crappie fishing is fantastic and the Crappie are very sizable. Lot’s of 10-11″ fish. Whites and Blacks.

We are evening fishing and catching plenty of nice Crappie for the freezer.

Missed all of you the past year but we’re back!

Enjoy the outdoors, mother Nature, and most of all Father God.

See you at the lake.

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Late August Hybrid Striper fishing

Quality time with new fishing partners/twin granddaughters – Charity and Chelsea. Striper time at East Fork Lake.

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Memorial Day Bassin – East Fork Lake – 2019

Went out yesterday evening. No fishing partner – fished alone. Caught several real nice largemouth. Most were quality fish! All appeared to be in pre- spawn mode.

Water brownish colored from winter Algae Bloom. Worse cloudiness with all boat traffic. Water temp was 80 degrees.

I sought areas that were somewhat clear and found fish there. It was all evening bite. Fished from around 5:30 to 8:30.

Fish were all fatter than butterballs. Healthy!

I haven’t done well the past couple of years. Maybe 2019 will reap dividends.

I will keep you posted as things progress. Perhaps start writing more…

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Chad’s April 2019 – Bluegill bonanza…

Chad and Dad haven’t been reporting much in a while. Lately we’ve hitting a couple of lakes around Clermont County.

Sunday it was Bass and Crappie.

Tuesday it was Hybrid Bluegill (by Chad) on ultra-lite gear. I was Bass fishing without any caught and Chad caught perhaps 30 real nice fish. 4lb. test line – ultra-lite rod – tiny jigs tipped with maggots. Lots of fun!

Quality time a blessing!

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New Year Crappie – 2019

Chad and Dad went January 1, 2019. Lake was on the rise. Water Temp was 43 degrees. Calm – overcast. Caught 30-40 Crappie. Brought home 20 – 9 inchers. Didn’t set the world on fire but had a decent time.

Caught very few Crappie in 2018. 2019 forecast looks about the same to me.

Brighter days coming.


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Merry Christmas 2018

From Chad and Dad – probably going after Crappie today. I’ll keep you posted. God Bless your New Year 2019

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August Largemouth at East Fork

The two pictured Largemouth were caught in the same area on two different occasions. Both were nice fish for East Fork Lake. The second one was caught by my Granddaughter – Chelsea who loves to fish.

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Cranking and yanking – East Fork Lake – July 2018

Went out Sunday morning and evening. Caught (7) Largemouth Sunday morning. Caught (9) Largemouth Sunday evening. (6) came from the same spot.

Water color is dingy from the algae. Perhaps 60 percent visibility. The water temp is around 85 degrees. Wind was from the East all weekend – but produced good fishing.

Twice this year I have been out and caught Bass stacked in one area in the feeding
frenzy. It’s fun to find fish that way.

Sunday’s aren’t always the best fishing due to boat traffic – but it was fun.

Chad is still metal detecting without much interest in Bassin – but the good bite that is coming late Summer may change his pattern.

Anyway this is the update from Rick Roehm in early July. Appreciate you stopping by…and don’t forget about the Good Lord who makes life a pleasurable experience. God Bless.

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Father’s Day – 2018

Chasity and Dad made it happen Father’s Day 2018. Cowan Lake. Water murky. 84 degree water temp. 95 degrees ambient temp.

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Post spawn bass – East Fork Lake – June 2018

Jackpot Sunday! June 2nd – 3rd 2018.

Clear water – Temp: 81 degrees.

Found a gang of active Bass all scarred up – red – torn up from the recent pawn. Suspended and feeding on Shad. Caught a bunch. A 4lb. , 3lb., lots of 2 lbs. – several small ones – and lots of action! Not a typical day at East Fork but some real nice Bass action!

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