Father’s Day – 2018

Chasity and Dad made it happen Father’s Day 2018. Cowan Lake. Water murky. 84 degree water temp. 95 degrees ambient temp.

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Post spawn bass – East Fork Lake – June 2018

Jackpot Sunday! June 2nd – 3rd 2018.

Clear water – Temp: 81 degrees.

Found a gang of active Bass all scarred up – red – torn up from the recent pawn. Suspended and feeding on Shad. Caught a bunch. A 4lb. , 3lb., lots of 2 lbs. – several small ones – and lots of action! Not a typical day at East Fork but some real nice Bass action!

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2018- East Fork Lake (Ken Begley) – Bass Tournament info

2018 – Weekly results…Tuesday Night Bass Tournament…East Fork Lake

2018 – Season standings…Tuesday Night Bass Tournament…East Fork Lake

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2018 – Memorial Day Weekend – East Fork Lake

Went out Monday morning (Memorial Day) for about three hours. Caught several Bass, a few Crappie, a Catfish, a Hybrid Striper, and raised a Musky. Lots of little Bass. Several nice keepers.
Water temp was 80 degrees, clear, and a little high. I spot fished and enjoy fishing before the big crowd came in. Went back in the evening and caught several more Bass but the water was churned up from boat traffic. Had a great time! Enjoyed life with me and the Good Lord! Planning to do some more fishing this week – if Mother Nature don’t hinder.

Prediction. More Bass population since the fish kill a few years ago. Lot’s of little Bass is a good sign.

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Chad and Dad – Crappie Hunters – May 2018

Lot’s of little ones. A few nice ones. Everything is right. Water temp 68 degrees. Clearing up. Summer pool.

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Hoping to keep this site updated – 2018

Chad and Dad went out Sunday the 22nd. Lake appeared to be at pool. 57 degrees. 50% visibility. We didn’t do well – but did catch a few Crappie.

Plan on keeping this site updated in 2018.

If we don’t get flooded again – I expect everything to break in the next few weeks.

Bass – Crappie – Striper.

Thanks for stopping by.

Rick Roehm
PS…Thank you Mr. Deering for the enthusiasm.

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Field of Robins – sign of early Spring?

Taken – February 1, 2018

Enlarge if possible…

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