Chad and Dad starting off – 2017

Chad and Dad made it happen Sunday, January 15, 2017. We brought home 34 real nice Crappie. We love it! East Fork was calm. Water clarity was 50%. Water Temp 41 degrees. Caught real nice Black Crappie. Fished for 4 hours.

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Pair of Bald Eagles – January 2017 – East Fork Lake

Rodney Powers and Chad were coming in yesterday from Crappie fishing – caught a picture of the pair of Bald Eagles at East Fork Lake. Mother nature’s finest beauty.

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January Crappie at East Fork – 2017

Chad insisted on going Sunday and defied the odds. Had on his “new” heated socks. It was 15 degrees out – and Old man Winter didn’t stop Chad. Crappie were biting! To cold for Dad. Brought home a real nice mess of fish. Real nice Black Crappie and some whites. I lectured him about it being to cold. Didn’t pay attention – went anyway! Had a great time! Said the old Beaver was working overtime and saw some real beautiful species of Ohio waterfowl.

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Dad’s Christmas gift – 2016

Dad got to enjoy some fantastic Christmas Crappie fishing again this year – with fishing partner Chad. Chad and Dad got into a real nice mess of Christmas Crappie in East Fork Lake’s ice cold 45 degree water. Clarity was about 70%. No minnows! All came on jigs! Some at 4 ft. depth – some at 10-12′ depth.

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December East Fork Crappie – Chad and Dad

Went out yesterday. Southeast wind, sleet, 38 degree air, 50 degree water, clear. Fished several spots…found (1) honey hole. Crappie lit up for about an hour. Mostly big whites – few Blacks all around 10-11 inches. Real nice mess of fish.

Took the photo below I thought was interesting.

Enjoying life fishing with Chad. Chad of course showed me the honey hole. Smiles. Brought home 25-30.



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Late November – Bass biting – Ohio River

Chad and Dad went looking for Sauger. Couldn’t find any Sauger – but the Bass were biting good – so we fished for Bass instead. Caught all (3) species of Ohio Bass. Wind was from the East…but fishing wasn’t the least. Unusual!

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Fishing the Ohio River – when everything is right

Decided Wednesday to leave work early (play hooky) and be-line to the Ohio River. Upper pool. It was Sunny, 72 degrees outside;  the water was 60 degrees and still cloud colored.

Mother Nature said everything was right! No wind! She was right!

Cranked, fished deep, and enjoyed the scenery on the Ohio River (which is like an ocean). Everything was biting and bulking up for Winter. White Bass, Hybrid Striper, Sauger, Largemouth Bass, and Spotted Bass.

It was on! Had to do it because cold, bad weather is coming! Had a blast! Appreciated God’s creation and of course the Creator.

It’s time, “Now” for Ohio River Sauger”…

November Sauger

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